Lukas Otobashi 4th July 2021


The Trail Shoes

Trail Running Shoes are a must when it comes to comfort and performance. The profile of trail shoes is often sleeker and more technical in appearance with that nostalgic 1990s raver aesthetic.

Cross Country Shoes

Trail running shoes are essentially built for running cross country on fells and hillside surfaces that are muddy and rocky. Trail shoes differ from traditional performance runners in many ways, but the key differences are that trail shoes have deeper, and grippier tread patterns on the outsole for improved traction on muddy and rocky terrain and the materials used in the construction are often water-resistant meaning the trail shoes are easy to clean after a fell run or an all-night rave!

Solomon Shoes

Make sure you stay one step ahead and add trail running shoes to your wanted list! Either whether you are looking for Solomon's or any other brand, trail running shoes are essential to provide you with the comfort you are looking for.

Best Trail Running Shoes

The best trail running shoes are known for their resistance, durability, and maximum support for you to conquer any terrain. Cover all different terrains in one go and just keep going. Protecting you from every impact trail running shoes are lightweight with a powerful grip to keep you comfortable and supported at all times. That is why you need to make sure that your trail running shoes fit well and match the requirements of the conditions of the running terrain. You also need to look out for waterproof shoes, provide you with good GEL cushioning and allow an orthotic extension for you to maximise your performance.

Check out the best trail running shoes:
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