Lukas Otobashi 25th June 2021


Stylish Shoes

Soleheaven's Lifestyle Shoes category is a grouping of products for when you need to up your style for a special occasion or just a time when you cannot rock your favourite sneakers.

The Shoe Style

Lifestyle Shoes come from brands that have an affinity for street or music cultures and their products can instantly marry with our interpretation of style hence brands like Clarks Originals, Timberland, and Dr Martens.
Either when at work, school, or on special occasions our lifestyle category will boost up your style and make you stand out. The footwear can be fit in both the casual and business casual dress code of a workplace but also give you that little something when it comes to your night out. Get the most out of your purchase and rock that style.

The Casual Style and the Business Casual Style

The casual and business casual style can be interpreted differently, however, they both provide you with a modern style and make you stand out. When searching for the best casual and business casual footwear look for Chelsea boots, loafers, lace-up, and suede lace-up shoes which are the most comfortable shoes to wear in this category.

The Night out Style

For your night out you might want to try on our timberland boots or chunky sneakers as well as the Jack & Jones chunky sneakers. Stylish and comfortable wearing these shoes will make you feel more confident and give you a unique style.

Check out the best lifestyle shoes:

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