The 13 best Nike Air Max Sneakers in 2021

The 13 best Nike Air Max Sneakers in 2021 are inspired by the long history of Nike creating Air Maxs.

Introduction of Air Max 1

In 1987 Nike introduced the Air Max 1, a model that was the beginning of a large "family" and would change the world of sneakers forever. Created by the brand's most famous Oregon-based shoe designer, Tinker Hatfield, he added a small "window" to the sole through which Nike Air technology was visible.

33 Years of Innovation

For 33 years this technology has been used in a wide range of Nike sneakers, many of which are considered the brand's most popular and loved by all sneakerheads worldwide, both for their looks and the history they carry.

Air Max Everywhere

Nike continues to supply us with new Air Max models, most of which are modern replicas of older models and are instantly breathtaking. So in order to honor this great legacy of Air Max, we have selected some of the best models currently available for purchase online.

Here we go with the presentation of the 13 Air Max models that stole the show this year. The hierarchy was not set in order of preference or importance in this case.

Nike Air Max 90

Always in fashion and always standing out the Nike Air Max 90 has everything you can ask for.


Nike Air Max 2090

The Nike Air Max 2090 features different styles and is inspired to make you stand out. 


Nike Air Max 1 DNA Ch. 1

When it comes to Nike Air Max 1 DNA Ch. 1 we can say that it has all the elements that reflect Nike and their 33 year legacy of Air Max collection. 


Nike Air Max 97


Nike Air Max 95


Nike Air Max 90


Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 3


Nike Air Max 98


Nike Air Max 270 React


Nike Air VaporMax Plus


Nike Air VaporMax 2020 Flyknit


Nike Air Max 720


Nike Air Max 200

As you may have noticed we are Sneakerheads and we love the Air Max models. You may want to read our posts that cover Air Max 1 and Air Max to get a few more ideas about your sneaker collection.