Your Winter Kicks Don’t Always Have To Look So Dull

It may be the winter, where darker colours and shades become more prominent for your sneaker choice, but this latest pack from Nike is daring you to be adventurous in the colder weather, with radiant pastel colours dominating the kicks, giving you that stand out look in the dreary crowd. A beautiful fusion of Smokey blue, Pink & Mushroom creates a distinct aesthetic, with lavish suede and faux pony hair giving the street born sneaker a regal appeal, which is even finished with supple leather touches.

The LX (Luxe) pack consists of the three superior Nike models. The Air Max 90, 95 and the Jewell, which has recently our pearly gates. All three styles are robust for the Winter, with durable rubber soles providing endless comfortable wear, allowing you to cruise the streets without the worry of wear and tear.

The Jewell is significantly leaning towards the Smokey Blue colour scheme with no pink touching the sneaker, it provides a clean look that has been broken up with a Mushroom piping that cleanly separates the upper. A white upper complements the pastel tones, and finally completed with a simple gum sole. The Jewell is perfect for all your women out there thanks to its sleek shape and minimal style that fits perfectly to your foot and offers a great instep.

Whereas the Air Max 90 combines components together to find a sumptuous balance of colour and construction that really reflects the LX name, with a stunning textured upper with smooth leather panelling contrasting against the shimmering Smokey Blue pony hair and soft suede’s, the tactile nature of these sneakers is on a whole other level from your standard pair of 90’s. This pair is probably the most neutral of all the three silhouettes, with a neutral Mushroom base covering the upper with colourful accents creating the pop that makes them eye candy for passers by.

To us the Air Max 95 is the standout figure in the store for us, with everyone’s eyes instantly being drawn to them. The Smokey Blue paves the way across the 95 with Pink and Mushroom lining the Rib cages on the flanks for an exquisite result. I think what makes these look so good is the pink accents on the swoosh and heel branding, its very subtle but at the same time pops against the Blue. Again the white midsole complements the radiant vibes with a tasteful Gum sole to finish.

So remember don’t hesitate to pull the trigger on these just because of the bright colours, they may be vibrant and out there for the darker season. But you’re a pioneer aren’t you. You’re the brave that dares to be different and someone who wants to make a statement. So go ahead, you do you.