Following closely behind his hugely successful album from earlier this year titled 'STILL BRAZY', YG has just dropped 'Red Friday', a compact release of 7 full tracks featiring the likes of 21 Savage and longtime collaborator, DJ Mustard. 

Before we get into this record, you should know we loved Still Brazy, YG's first commercial release since he was shot 6 times in a gangland attack. Still Brazy was so strong because it turned back the clock, combining old school Westcoast flare with contemporary elements and styles. The production across his last release was exceptional and inspired, and this has continued across to 'Red Friday', at a more steady pace. 

This new mixtape doesn't leap out the block as rigorously as Still Brazy,  it takes a more low-key and toned down approach to things, late night listening if you will. Tracks like I Be On, roll out steadily, with a beat complimented by slow burning but hard hitting vocals. 

In our opinion, RED FRIDAY defines YG's state of mind. After surviving a hit on his life, the rapper has become fearless, and this is evident through his attitude and music. His passion comes through from track to track, and after watching his recent 'VICE/NOISEY' episode, it's easy to see why YG should be an artists you have to keep your eyes on. 

You can watch YG discussing his mental state after the attempt on his life with Noisey below.

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