When Nike gives you Lemons....

Nike Ultra BR Lemon Chiffon Pack available now to buy at Soleheaven

It's getting warmer outside, the longer days are finally here, the beer gardens are filling up and the tanning process can finally begin! You don't want to be rocking around in all black trainers do you this Summer? Why not try something new and vibrant, Nike has released a colour that is perfectly matched for the oncoming weather 'Lemon Chiffon boasting a warm and zesty vibe. 

With three completely fresh BR styles; the Air Max 90, Presto & Huarache, all three silhouettes rock a breathable mesh upper for that lightweight wear which is amazing when on your feet all day in warm weather.

When they first came in to store all of us flocked to the Presto's and Air Max 90's, they hold the floor and instantly catch your eye thanks to its energetic aesthetic. They resemble the perfect summer, the breathable mesh is the cool wind breeze and the Lemon Chiffon is the bright sun, when you try these on for the first time you'll fall in love, they make you feel confident and daring and allowing us to breakthrough from the monotonous and dreary colder days.

The Air Huarache Ultra BR feature hyper fuse taping around the toebox adding to the sleek profile with the exterior cage wrapping the flanks which retain the iconic innovation that gives the huarache its style. Broken up cleanly by a white midsole, this is definitely a summer staple. 

The Air Max 90 features a minimal deconstructed aesthetic with debossed panelling and a full mesh upper for yet another sleek profiled sneaker. 90's are already a perfect summer shoe so this colourway just draws you into its grasp, they will definitely turn some heads on the street and people will be asking where you got these from.

Presto's are just THE summer sneaker, with their undeniable comfort and unrivalled style, for them to receive this Lemon update was just a matter of time, fully immerse yourself in Summer by copping these and rocking with some shorts or jogging pants.