What Better Way To Treat Yourself Than With A Premium Pair Of Air Max...Or Two

Today's talking point is two Premium pairs of Air Max that have recently made their way into our store. The Air Max 90 & 95 are one of the most iconic silhouettes in the world, thanks to their timeless style and innovative flair, they are truly standout pieces that are a must have for any epic sneaker collection.

The Nubuck on the 95 provides a smooth, minimal aesthetic which has been paired with a plush suede that is a lighter tone of Grey to create some depth to the sneaker. It is a clever formation that entitles the 95's to be dubbed Premium. Whether you are rocking down the streets of Newcastle on a daily basis or anywhere for that matter, you know these creps can step up to any challenge they face thanks to their renowned durable qualities that makes them such a go to sneaker for a mass proportion of the U.K.

If you are a maximalist then these probably aren't going to be making your senses tingle, but if you prefer to keep it clean and have a pair of kicks that can just slide into your rotation with ease. With a muted tonal colour scheme thanks to the crisp Cobblestone matched with a complementing white midsole for that summer pop.

The Air Max 90 has always offered a sleek profile and this rendering is taking that to the next level thanks to its smooth appearance, with buttery leathers and suedes building the construction. Canvas breaks up parts of the upper to provide a long lasting and strong sneaker that can beat all elements, so despite them being a premium sneaker, don't worry about being a little clumsy and tip toeing around, they can take it.

Which pair are you leaning towards? I think in this instance I would go with the 95's despite me being an avid fan of the 90's. Purely because of the depth to them, they show different hues of Grey which intrigues me and they fit nicely with most of my outfits which is crucial.