Vans Are Inspiring Women To Stand Out With Their Latest Kicks

Vans are wanting to inspire and celebrate the solidarity amongst Women and the way they are doing this is through their latest Boom Boom Collection. The collection features a clothing line as well as footwear, which we will be focusing our attention towards. Comprising of three Sk8-Hi's and one Old Skool. The pieces from this collection are meant to be rocked boldly as a symbol that reflects the strong stance and essence of female strength & self-expression through style.

They worked closely with @Adri_Law on this project, who is a renowned photographer and motorbike enthusiast as well as being a strong female figure who brought life and energy into this collection and embodied the true spirit of what Vans were wanting to achieve.

The sneakers showcase the same nylon materialization and marigold liner as the classic MA-1 jackets that are a part of the Vans Apparel line. With the Nylon bomber material running along the quarter-panel and a unifying marigold lining the inside of the kicks creating a vibrant feature. The Sk8 Hi's even have a zip running down the back of the heel for both functional and aesthetic purposes which further reflects elements of the jackets. The suede is simply sublime and is super soft to touch, that matched with the Nylon and subtle leather makes for a premium effect that has great durable qualities.

The Sk8 Hi's come in three different colourways, Sage, Black & Port Royale. All three serve different styles, the Black is for the minimalist who likes to have an everyday pair in their rotation, the Sage pair is for those of you who like rocking neutral tones (I personally think these ones are the best as they contrast greatly with the Orange lining). The Port Royale are the ones for people who like to venture out and stand out from the crowd, which I guess is the purpose of this collection, so if you want to be self-expressive and make an impression that lasts then go for the Port.

The Old Skools follow the same colour scheme as the Black Sk8-Hi's with a clean monochrome base with the Marigold inner lining. The Nylon flanks are a great addition making them durable and easy to clean.

What's your favourite out of the four styles that we have on offer? 

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