Soleheaven Presents: TV shows of the Year 2017

We're living in a golden age of tv! A time of unrivalled passion projects, big budget franchises and instantly streamable universes, all happening on the small screen. As we love a binge watch as much as the next guy or gal, we put together some of our favourites of the year. 

Dale - Managing Director 

"Narcos - Having watched all three seasons twice this year, I can attest to the high octane intensity of this programme, such a gripping subject matter seems rare nower days. It's got a really genuine 80s/90s feel to it with it's costumes, it's settings and it's investment in Pablo Escobar's drug culture"

Callum - Merchandise Director

"Master Of None (Season 2) - The show is really well written and directed, makes what could be seen as a boring subject matter very entertaining to watch. Its laid out in a similar format to a sitcom without cheap laughs or canned laughter. Makes for easy watching but still makes you want to keep watching to see what happens next."

Jacob - Sales Assistant 

"Empire - Big fan of this show. The issues that arise in the show have a realness to them. The dynamics are present in every family household from illness, to the struggle that wealth brings, to homosexuality to obesity and style. The music is amazing. You don't have to love rap or hip-hop to appreciate the musical talent behind the scenes of this show."

Luke - Photographic Content Manager
"Ozark - For me watching Ozark I was hooked from the beginning, with a very disruptive & unexpected first episode I couldn't stop watching and its safe to say I got through this series very quickly. I felt like this series flowed more like a movie which was another aspect that kept me interested and coming back for more."
Tom - Content Writer
"Peaky Blinders - This was amazing to watch, the whole aesthetic of the show, the style, the hair, the soundtrack, its so good, the storyline had so many ups and downs and a huge reveal on the last episode I was genuinely jumping off the couch when it happened, it'll keep you on the edge of your seat, definitely worth watching." 
Ollie - Sales Specialist
"Mindhunter - I'm a huge David Fincher fanboy, so when this crept out on Netflix I compulsively watched this series till it's ending. Never has a TV show with such morbid subject matter captivated in the way this did, and there's no real murder mystery or graphic scenes to it, it's just a genuinely well-crafted plot with all the characters fantastically cast. Can't wait for a season 2, or even Fincher's rumoured adaptation of Channel 4's Utopia to come next year."