Soleheaven Presents: Films of the Year 2017

2017 has been a huge year that has seen some groundbreaking films hit the cinema screens, including blockbuster greats like Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Some of our members of staff have chosen what they think takes the title for top spot of the year. Watch the trailers if you haven't seen any of them before as they are all enticing watches.

Simon - Store Manager

"IT - the only film I actually saw in 2017."


Tom - Content Writer

"Get Out - It's such a well-crafted film that has to be watched more than once so you can truly appreciate how clever the little details are, Jordan Peele did an amazing job for someone who is dominantly known for Comedy, it's a film that keeps you on your toes guessing what is actually happening."


Luke - Photographic Content Manager


"Blade Runner 2049 - A Great follow up to the original, surpassing expectations for me, amazing production level eerie landscapes and music is what made the film so impressive for me."


Oliver - Sales Specialist

"John Wick 2. IT'S AN ALL OUT ACTION ASSAULT!. Both Keanu and two directors of John Wick have brought a return to form in the action genre, with a tongue in cheek concept executed in a super serious, high octane fashion. Somehow the life of the hitman underworld becomes super believable in the John Wick universe, and the sequel takes the best parts of the first film and adds in an even barmier plot. There hasn't been a better action concept since the Matrix!


Andrew - Photography Assistant

"Baby Driver - Ansel Egort played the role well with his innocent looking face, it reminds me of the film Drive where it is all calm and normal, but then all of a sudden it kicks off. The storyline is gripping and tense all the way to the end, there are some class jokes in it, and of course, the soundtrack is peng."

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