The RevolutionAirs

We are getting ready for the celebration of Air Max Day 2017 - and an extra special one due to the 30 year anniversary of the Air Max 1. For this years Air Max Day, Nike have picked the brains of 12 RevolutionAirs worldwide to compete in a unique Nike Air design project. The aim of the competition is for each of the new directional designers to create their own out of the box perspective of a Nike Air sneaker. On the 16th of March the 12 designs were revealed to the public eye and voting opened. The winner of one of the 12 creations will be released in 2018. 

The creative minds behind the 12 designs were all artists, designers, DJs or Retailers. They were scouted from London, Moscow, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Seoul, Los Angles, Mexico City, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing and New York. 

A favourite of mine from the range of imaginative designs is Kyle NG’s from LA. Kyle NG is a designer, multimedia artist and co founder of the brand Brain Dead. The aim of his design was to inspire people to think from another perspective, understand other individuals and creative above the status quo. His sneaker design is an Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit. With Flyknit technology starting off the futuristic vibe with a burlap looking underline expressed in a neutral mellow golden colourway with neon red pops off colour in the air capsule and lace eyelets. The upper is finished off with a white hand-painted circular pattern giving the sneaker a personal DIY yet unfinished look. This I really like as it gives a modern art essence to the shoe. The shoe has standard nike branding featuring a side swoosh however on the heel of the sneaker the is the quote ‘Give a damn’. This was to provoke the public to make their voices heard and to take a stand for what they believe in. 

Los Angles, Kyle NG RevolutionAir design. Images from

My other choice from the twelve would have to be Lourdes Villagomez’s Air Max 1 x Air Max 90 hybrid. Lourdes Villagomez is a contemporary artist from Mexico City. This sneaker highly appeals to me as it is my two favourite Nike silhouettes perfectly blended into a hybrid. All though I like unique and artistic designs and colourways on a sneaker the vibrant tropical colourway is not what I would usually go for however it injects a summer essence into the shoe. Her acrylic paint work is portrayed in this design with overlay of colours onto the midsole. The feathered leaf patterns and multicoloured outsole flecks reflect the muse of the tropical Quetzal Bird and its surrounding habitat of the Central American Forests. To add an exclusive feature for the 30th birthday of the Air Max 1 there is a reflective ’30 Air Max’ in the side swoosh. 

Mexico City, Lourdes Villagomez RevolutionAir Design. Images from

Out of the 12 entries the design taken most to the extreme is without a doubt Venus X’s bizarre iteration of the Air Max 97. Her message and inspiration of an environment of escalated tension being behind the design. The sneaker extends from the ankle, up the leg to the thigh with bold lettering following. The upper has a colourway that acknowledges a classic Air Max Plus. The shoe screams fantasy and futurism however diminishes any practicality of the wearing and outfit building around the sneaker. In reality the out of the box guidelines has been taken way past the line and although this shoe may fit into the revolutionary theme I feel most of the Nike customer would not be outgoing enough to wear these out the house. 

New York City, Venus X RevolutionAir Design. Images from

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