Still Making Waves Twenty Years On


That's right, we have a double whammy release for you this week, with not one, but two different stunning colourways of the revolutionary Air Max 98 entering the scene. Here's a fun fact, the Air Max 98 panelling takes inspiration from ocean waves, with the outer flanks being the wave hitting the land, and the instep drawing back the wave. Check out the Nike Air Max Collection at

Here at Soleheaven we love taking our promotion a step further for you, making those special releases that extra bit exciting. We wanted to show you these sneakers in motion, so you can see how they look on the foot, as well as see how the technology works in a fluid manner, offering the superior Air Max comfort and wavy aesthetic.

We crafted this video to show you exactly that, shot in a clean and contemporary environment to show our respect for such a beautiful silhouette, we are also offering our expert styling knowledge so you can instantly know what they can be rocked with.

First up is a striking 'Gym Red' colourway that grabs anyone's attention thanks to its bold aesthetic. Red has always been a powerful and confident colour with a distinct voice and this really shows, making any outfit have that pop.

Next up is the 'Pure Platinum' rendering. The second colourway may not be as loud in the sense of bold colour blocking, but they honestly pack a punch, they would fit in perfectly with Skepta's Shutdown video, or match with Drake's all white tracksuit fit. They are the ultimate street shredder, thanks to the durable upper that can be wiped clean with ease, and tearing away from the all black aesthetic and moving into a brighter summer effect. 

They both suit different tastes, whether you are loud and proud, or prefer that minimal steez, now you just need to decide which side you are on. If I had to choose I would personally go for the Pure Platinum pair, they can be essentially rocked with any outfit and can't clash with any part of your outfit, meaning they can be rocked all year round with no hassle.