Soleheaven's Top 30 Sneaker Influencers & Why You Need To Check Them Out!

Sneaker influencers are a crucial cog in the industry, especially in this era, thanks to the influx of social media users. Meaning influencers hold a lot of the power in how trends shift and can push towards what will be the next best thing.

With this being said we will take you through a list of our favourite influencers and why you should know who these people are. No matter how many followers they have fetched up, they all hold unique talents and skills and have impacted the industry in some way, shape or form.


Hailing from Los Angeles California, he is living the life in the best way possible. If you can think of a hyped pair of kicks, you can guarantee he has them! It's not only sneakers that he is into, his clothing game is just as strong with a heavy appearance from Gucci & Fear Of God! Even his house aesthetics is on point, if you want some true inspiration then you need to peep his Instagram.


Winner of the Nike Forward competition with his Revolution'AIR'y Air Max 97/1 hybrid concept. He is also Co-owner of the world-famous Round Two store, so it would come to no surprise that Sean makes this list, he will have one of the rarest sneaker collections going. Also earlier this year he created a pop-up store to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Nike Cortez, this man is making waves in the industry, so go peep him.


Currently residing in Sydney, Caroll Lynn works as a Women's footwear designer for Filling Pieces, she has previously collaborated with Puma using beautiful floral patterns to decorate her line. Her illustration work is something to behold and you can even purchase her work online, so if you want your home to feature the best sneaker prints, check her out! 


He doesn't have the most followers but he still gets his name about and it is easy to see why... his work is not exactly conventional, which is why it stands out so boldly and makes for some eye-catching shots. Not everyone can be a licensed sneaker butcher like him, Michael has a truly unique talent and his Instagram is heaven for clean aesthetics. If you want to get your creative juices flowing, you know what to do.


Jeff Staple is one of the most iconic names that reverberates around the world of sneaker lovers. Creating one of the most sought-after sneakers the Nike Dunk Low Pro SB "Pigeon", which even led to a riot outside their store when they released, selling for $7000 on FlightClub, he has worked with so many brands as he has been in the game over 20 years now and so has definitely made his mark.


If you want to see just how to take the perfect sneaker photos then you need to have a peek at Claude Renard's work, the aesthetics are so crisp and well thought out. What is great is that it isn't just the same old pictures of Yeezy's, you can see the finest kicks thanks to the eclectic mix on offer so you can finally enjoy a refreshing and exciting Instagram feed.


Gaining notoriety through being Kanye Wests stylist, Virgil has been one of the hottest names in the industry the last two years, building his empire from Pyrex Vision to Off-White, which every single company wants to collaborate with, including Umbro, Moncler & most recently Nike, where he produced a collection of 10 pieces which have been undoubtedly the biggest releases of the year, this man is a genius and is one that you need to be keeping an eye on as he is only moving one way, and that is up.


Landy has been a hot topic on Instagram for some time now, travelling the world and showcasing his unique style that comes so naturally to him, with a sneaker collection that makes even the most devout sneakerhead jealous and a clothing collection to match, the thing is Instagram isn't even his main role, he has recently picked up an amazing job in his dream location, Tokyo, congrats!


Hailing from Australia. This legend lives and breathes Nike, specifically Presto's, so you know he is breathing in the finest air quality possible. He has been a sneakerhead from an early age and is true sneaker lover, not this 'latest hype' sort of person. If you want to check out his archive and learn some new things then just give him a follow and keep your sneaker knowledge at an A grade.


Working as a brand consultant and a DJ, Kish is someone that we work with quite closely here, he lives and breathes the sneaker life, owning a staggering amount of kicks collating over 2000 pairs. He has been collecting since an early age so he truly is an OG. He keeps his ears to the street and has a vast knowledge of the industry and has made a great network for himself. If you are looking for someone with a great insight and knowledge of the latest kicks then you need to go check him out. Not only that he literally gives me food envy every day, this man eats well! 


Jess Gavigan is one of the waviest people we follow. Founder of the first-ever ladies-only online sneaker store Small Feet Big Kicks. Not only does she hold a great sneaker collection, she has the style to match, with a very distinct look and aesthetic to her, she has made a big name for herself and is taking the world by storm. She is the queen of rocking tracksuits and I'm pretty jealous in all honesty, I want to be that cosy whilst looking that fresh. If you want to '#StayCosy' like Jess then give her a follow and learn just how to do it.


He is arguably the most popular Sneaker web star in the world, his YouTube videos have been a huge hit and have blown up his status in the recent years. His funny antics and videos have drawn a lot of new sneakerheads into the industry which has led to more exposure and hype being created around releases. If you want to see what Sneakerheads are truly like on a day to day basis and how trades go down, then go subscribe to his channel!


Working as a Freelance photographer Michael is an avid sneaker collector, has a very clear and defined aesthetic for his photography and it's beautiful, you'll recognise a lot of his shots as he works as a photographer for the renowned sneaker store Overkill! you can see why he has amassed a large following. Anything he shoots he makes it look superb, especially his architecture photos. He has a very eclectic taste so if you want something new to refresh your senses, you know what to do.


You can't make a sneaker influencer list without including Mr Air Max 1 himself, Stevey is what a sneakerhead should be, he has a staggering collection of kicks, especially of the Air Max 1 (hence his nickname). His Instagram feed is well thought through with banks of three to create a clean aesthetic. No matter how rare something is you can bet that he will be posting a picture of it as there's nothing he can't get his hands on, go check him out and prepare yourself for the heat!


You know if Action Bronson likes something then it's good, he has a taste for the finer things in life and doesn't settle for anything less. Hosting a show called 'Fuck That's Delicious' where he talks about food and unleashes his inner chef. His latest album release 'Blue Chips 7000' was an amazing listen, anything he does he has a talent for and has a great personality which is why people like him so much, apart from Michael Jordan. Bronson is a self-confessed sneakerhead and can be seen on Complex's Sneaker Shopping show, he has a resounding love for New Balance and doesn't shy away from admitting it so you know New Balance truly have perfected the finer sneaker options. If you want the best kicks then just check see what he is wearing.


From taking sneaker pictures in his spare time, to working with some of the biggest brands on the market including Nike using his iconic Microdudes styling which has made for some truly inventive ways to display sneakers. His name has been seen a lot on social media and its mainly for the way he takes his photo game to a whole new level which makes him stand out from the rest. It's hard to describe just how good his Microdudes pictures are, they have been well thought out and crafted and are definitely worth checking out.


If you are from the U.K and follow the sneaker game religiously then you will know Morgan, running arguably the largest sneaker event in the U.K, Crepe City. So you know why he has made this list, bringing all sneakerheads together and allowing the industry to network and bounce off eachother. He holds an imperative role for it all and to top it off his Instagram feed is lit, if you are a fan of older cars then this is basically sneaker & car porn with the camera he is using.


Founder of the ever popular 'Girl On Kicks' website, which features a wave of editorials and blog posts that show the best styling and aesthetic tips. She is undoubtedly a creative person and she seeks new ways to innovate and push her boundaries. She wants to show that Women have made their impact and she definitely does that, not only does she focus on sneakers and style but she infuses lifestyle and travel elements into her work, she isn't afraid to have an opinion and voices what she feels which is brilliant to see especially with her friendly and inviting writing style, she is definitely one to keep an eye on.


A prominent figure for females on Instagram, she hails from my favourite country in the world, France. Call Me Peach is a true fashion guru, if you want to look pretty in pink then you need to take some styling tips from her. She is another woman that is taking over the industry as she gains more and more followers. Rocking great kicks throughout with some absolute grails on her feet. Getting some real sneaker and holiday envy going through her feed.


You know when you feature on Highsnobiety for your style that you are doing something right, currently working as an interior design student and most notably been working Chanel in their showroom which is amazing for someone who is still a student. She has a great love for sneakers and fashion with radiates from her unique style shoots. She is definitely on the up and up and is worth keeping your eye on as she'll be making a huge name for herself soon!


Don Crawley is just a naturally gifted individual, anything he touches turns to gold. His networking skills mean he can access any area and at any level. He holds a great influence over a vast amount of people and even at Nike where he transformed the Jordan 2 into a highly sought after sneaker. He is another prime figure who rocked up on Sneaker Shopping and flexed on everyone, proving once again why he should be on this list.


Roger is a bit of a curveball to throw in this list, but I want to give him his due diligence, when a professional starts warming up in some unreleased pair of Jordan x Off White with "Air Federer" written by the man Virgil himself, you know he has some influence in the sneaker community, if you go through his Instagram feed you will see him in pairs like the Nike x Stussy 95's, showing that the man has taste. Give the GOAT some credit and check him out, you may be surprised. 


Previous owner and founder of the great German sneaker store Solebox, Hikmet is another OG sneaker legend to add to the list, owning a surreal collection of kicks, including a pair that was signed by Tinker Hatfield in 2006 for himself, he is a lively character. He has ventured into creating his own sneaker line 'SONRA' which has been instant sellouts every time there is a release, showing he knows what makes a great release, which is why he makes the list. 


His name is quite fitting, he is the mayor of sneaker town. With a collection that is worth over $750,000 with 3500+ pairs and counting, you have to make the list with that many pairs, the extent he goes through sometimes to get a rare pair of kicks is crazy, so he has definitely earned his way onto the list. Hardly anyone, no matter how rich or famous, will have a collection as big as this. He doesn't do it to look cool he does it for the love of the game, he beats the hell out of his sneakers especially the Undefeated Jordan's that sell for up to $25,000.


You can't be dubbed the king of sneakers in 2016 by GQ and not make this list the next year. Ronnie Fieg is a name that excites everyone when you see there is a collab happening. Owner of the world recognised KITH store, he creates absolutely stunning sneaker releases on a consistent basis. The man just oozes style and creativity, the fact he collaborated with Nike and Adidas in the same year shows the influence he has, which is the main reason why he is made this list, it's an impressive feat by any means. 


Sticking to the KITH gang, Francky B has run Sneakerness Paris since 2014. He is a Parisian whose name rings around the industry (Of course, otherwise he wouldn't make the list). He even ran the Kith x Puma “COA” pop-up store in Paris, so he definitely has his fingers in a lot of pies (a quote that he likes). He loves this community and prefers to class his connections as friends, he has a very likeable, bubbly personality, so you should go follow him, like right now. 



Lord pretty Flacko had to make the cut, he is one of the most stylish celebrities out there, with an effortless look that most people would kill to have. He doesn't necessarily have the biggest or grandest collection, but its the influence he holds other such a vast amount of people, he can be frequently seen rocking Old Skool Vans and you can guarantee 1000's would want to replicate that and thus went and bought a pair. He truly is the GOAT of fashion in my eyes, which is why he made the cut.


The writer of the holy grail for streetwear lovers 'All Gone'. Featuring the best of the best of all things sneaker-related which has been carefully curated and selected. The magazine is highly sought after and is hard for people to get there hands on, they have become a collectors item that people need to have to know whats hot and whats not, that shows how much on an influence Michael has and is why he has reached this list. 


Bisso is the go-to person for any news on latest releases, store openings and anything to do with sneakers and fashion! He has a great eye for photography and styling the photos with a stunning aesthetic throughout, if you want a perspective from the French sneaker scene then you need to give him a follow. He is even the founder of @asics_addict and manages @diadoradaily & @trocsneakers so he gets about and loves to provide everyone with great sneaker content, for this reason, he makes the list.


Coming from all the way down under, Tom is a professional photographer who ranges from architecture to sneaker shots. His work is exquisite and is not to be missed, especially with the fact that there isn't the standard hype you see on everyone's feed, you can get your daily fix of Asics or New Balance on his feed. What is also refreshing to see is his 'Behind the scenes' style photos, its a great insight into what goes into all the shots and allows you to engage and connect with him more, you know when some of your photos hit 5000 likes you are taking a great shot, so he is definitely nailing the Instagram scene.

There are a lot of people who deserve to be on this list and it was a close one, but everyone on this list has definitely earned there place for making a positive impact on the sneaker community, do you agree or disagree? let us know!