Soleheaven Selects: Netflix essentials

Netflix, what would we do without you?
Despite the fact that any remotely tech-savvy person can watch almost anything they want with zero cost via pirate streaming services, Netflix have still found a foot hole in the marketplace, utilising a streamlined, simplistic business design to cut out the ads, and other such struggles to bring media to modern audiences with minimal hassle. In the past 5 years, they have gone from strength to strength, pushing forward some groundbreaking new shows and documentaries. We've spent the afternoon pulling together some highlights from the Netflix catalogue that you simply must watch! (In no particular order).  


Making a Murderer 

 Another fantastic Netflix funded original, exploring the case of Steven Avery, and the controversial trials surrounding his life. Mr Avery was framed for murder by none other than the local police in his small town community in Wisconsin. 

Each episode is more jaw-dropping than the last, and the craziest thing is it's all true. 

Directed by Laura Ricciardi/Moira Demos 


Not for the feint hearted. Cropsey follows the investigation of missing children in the Staten Island area of New York, linking the disappearances to the abandoned mental institute on the island.  Cropsey is a gripping watch, exploring the rumours and myths surrounding the missing children, and following the leads back to Mr Andre Rand...

Directed by Joshua Zeman/Barbara Brancaccio 


Exploring the life of none other than Pablo Escobar, Narcos had to get things right. The Netflix Originals season captures the intensity of the drug lord perfectly. Showcasing every side of his personality, from family man to terrorist, Narcos follows the story of the DEA's attempts to stop Pablo's global cocaine enterprise. 

Created by: Chris Brancatto

All This Mayhem 

We've featured this one on the Soleheaven blog before. All This Mayhem tells the story of Ben and Tas Pappas, two skateboarding twins at the forefront of the skateboarding revolution. The in depth documentary explores the relationship between the two brothers during the heights of their fame, and the difficulties this caused their relationships and well-being. 

Director: Eddie Martin 


Stranger Things 


 Stranger Things stands tall as one of the best TV shows of all time, in our opinion anyway. Series one captivated audiences around the world with 8 chapters, each following the story of a young boy going missing and government conspiracies gripping the local town.

This one is a MUST.

Created by the Duffer bothers.  


Cartel Land 

Exposing the Mexican drug, Cartel Land strikes hard with a raw and uncompromising showcase of the vigilante groups fighting the Cartels across the town country of Mexico. 

The award-winning documentary is a real life look at life on the cutting edge of the war on drugs. 

Directed by Matthew Heineman 


Exit Through The Giftshop 

Another favourite from Team Soleheaven, directed by the one and only, the elusive Banksy. Exit Through The Gift Shop follows a funny narrative. The story revolves around film-maker and aspiring artist Thierry Guetta as he travels the world filming artists such as Shepeard Farley and Banksy. The documentary explores the comical escapades of Guetta as 'Mr Brainwash' and Banksy's opinions on how things unfold. 

Directed by Banksy. 

 Hoop Dreams 

Starring William Gates and Arthur Agee, Hoop Dreams follows the story of the two young men and their dreams to become NBA players, despite the racial bias in their hometown of Chicago.

Filmed over 5 years, Hoop Dreams raises a number of issues including race and social division in the USA.

Directed by Steve James. 

Attack On Titan

After the original manga blew up as a major success, the Anime soon followed suit, catapulting the animation into global fame. 

Attack on Titan packages everything you love about Anime and pushes it further than other shows do, creating a gripping universe and issues that subtly reflect real world conflict. 

 Written by Hajime Isayama


Finally, we have the 2015 film Sicario, which also follows the story of the conflict between Mexican Cartels and the Southern American states. 

Sicario builds tension. The cinematography and writing makes for an intense ride, despite not knowing much about the characters we see, the film still grabs viewers by the throat from the offset. 

Directed by Dennis Villeneuve


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