Soleheaven Presents: Sneaker Predictions 2018

Prediction of a shoe to come in 2018 (no insider tips), some hot takes, some lofty shouts, some safe bets, but all in all a look into the weird landscape of fashion and footwear to come in 2018!
Dale - Managing Director
"OG Airmax will continue their reign. Expect a big collab re-issue for Air Max Day, but I personally think the market will respond in a massive way to the Air Max 98."
Callum - Merchandise Director
"I think there's going to be a big trend of remixes. Uppers and sole units being mixed around, progressive tech related fabrications on unusual silhouettes, and in general a concept that will alter existing styles to a different level. We've already seen a window into it through Nike x Off White, as well as Acronym and their ACG work, so look for other brands to hop on the hype!"
Ollie - Sales Specialist
"I think the irreparable damage created by your Balenciagas, Guccis and Mcqueens etc will force the hand of normally reputable sneaker brands into creating ridiculously overpriced bad shoes, or tarnishing an established silhouette with a horrific remake (Nike, please leave the Footscape alone, it's already class). We'll definitely see a notorious Adi Kobe come back, and we're not gonna like it. In stark contrast, I think Converse will have a strong year with a minimalist approach, and I'm really excited for the off-white converse. 
Simon - Store Manager 
"It'll be the 25th anniversary of the AM93, following Nike tradition there will likely be a relaunch. Expected OG colourways and a variety of new ones to play with."
Tom - Content Writer
"Something with Frank Ocean (air force or converse or vans), though he's known to rep Jordan Brand hard, so don't leave that out of the equation."
Jacob - Sales Specialist
"Nike will push hard with Vapormax technology, appropriate it on to any silhouette they can and launch a 2.0 version. Personally, most excited for the Vapormax Plus"
Luke - Photography Manager 
"Another Garbstore Reebok collab, been a big fan of everyone so far, so I expect the same consistency."
Josh - Sales Specialist 
"A continuation of the Tyler, the Creator Converse line, maybe even a rebirth of OFWGKTA Converse merch, and, the biggest reach, an Earl Converse signature which could possibly the most offensive slogan shoe of all time (I hope)."

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