Sneakers ER - Breathing Life Back Into Your Sneakers

We've received an update to our SNEAKERS ER product range. We first received the brand earlier in 2016, and we've never looked back! Sneakers ER provide sneakerheads around the globe with ideal products to rejuvenate their sneakers, including midsole pens, leather preparers, cleaning solutions and protector sprays. With Winter around the corner, Sneakers ER can help you clean up dirty sneakers, or prevent the sneakers ever getting dirty. You could even treat the sneaker head in your life to a little SneakersER stocking filler...

Sneaker Midsole Pens Colours include: Turtle Dove, Pirate Black, Oxford Tan, Moonrock, Infrared OG, Grey, Black, Yellowed, White. 

Superhydrophobic Protector Spray

One of the latest products we received is the 'ProtectER' Spray which offers complete protection using innovative nano-technology to repel all types of liquid and dirt. 

"The unique formula is suitable for all materials including suede, nubuck, leather, canvas, mesh and more. Resistant to all liquids, it forms a highly durable, long-lasting, invisible protective barrier against water, coffee, oil spillages and other accidental stains. With no alteration to the appearance or breathability of materials after application."


1. Ensure that sneakers are dust free and clean before use, for best results apply to new sneakers after purchase.

2. From a distance of 15cm spray evenly until surface is slightly damp ( do not over saturate), for best results work the solution into the fibres with a small soft brush or lint free cloth.

3. Repeat the process after 15 minutes while sneakers are still damp to the touch.

4. Leave to dry at room temperature for 24 hours.

Leather Preparation & Deglazer


1. Dampen cloth with deglazer

2. Gently rub into leather factory finish 

3. Continue the process, rotating the cloth

4. Wipe excess with micro fibre cloth

5. Allow to dry (A few minutes)

Acrylic Leather Finisher

"Sneakers ER Acrylic Leather Finisher is water based and easy to use. 100% Flexible, non-crack when dry. Gives Factory finish to your sneakers."


1. Shake well before use

2. Make sure leather is 100% Dry before use

3. Apply using sponge or rag. Do not over apply.

4. Do not excessively rub into leather

5. Apply more coats if leather.

Check out Sneakers ER official video below! 

You can shop the full Soleheaven Sneakers ER collection here.

 **Soleheaven can not accept any responsibility for any damage or marking caused by Sneaker ER products, these guides are taken directly from the Sneakers ER website. 

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