Sneaker Focus: New Balance 'Yard' Pack

We are proud to announce the latest release from New Balance. The Made in the U.K ‘Yard’ Pack, consisting of 5 different models of the EPIC TR, M991.5, M576 and the fan favourite M1500 & M577 which are cased within an assortment of unique colourways which reflect that of a Roosters feathers. in celebration of the Chinese year of the Rooster and also hinting at the heritage of New Balance’s humble beginnings where the founder William J. Riley started the New Balance Arch Support company and placed bizarrely placed a chicken foot on his desk to show that the shape held a perfect balance.

All models have been manufactured in the U.K at the renowned Flimby factory in Cumbria. So you know that every single sneaker sets the standard for the pinnacle of Quality with rich, plush suedes and leather panels featuring throughout the set with perfect finishing on the stitching for that flawless look.

As we love our followers and customers we have gone through a lot of effort to put the ‘Yard’ pack in its natural habitat by replicating the heritage of the sneaks by creating our own chicken coop/barnyard space, which is quite difficult to achieve when you live in the concrete jungle that is Newcastle.

Our personal favourites from this release are the M1500YP’s, purely for how well the colour scheme has combined together on this model, plus the M1500YP's provides an amazing profile on foot which is perfect for any Sneakerhead who knows that profile is important.

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New Balance 'Yard Pack' M1500YP in Blue / Navy

New Balance 'Yard Pack' M577YP in Navy / Blue

New Balance 'Yard Pack' M9915YP in Navy / Blue

New Balance 'Yard Pack' M576YP in Navy / Orange

New Balance EPIC TR YP 'Yard Pack' in Navy / Blue

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