Sneaker Focus: Diadora N9000 III

Diadora is the only sportswear and sneaker brand which still manufacturers in Italy. Founded in 1948, their brand is seen across the globe thanks to their proud reputation of high-quality items mixed with their heritage and unique styles. 

Starting out by specialising in athletes footwear. The N9000 one of their most iconic silhouettes perfected the transition between athletics to lifestyle. The 'N' stands for neutral and thanks to its stability and cushioning uniting together creating a natural stepping experience for your feet. The Virbasorb damping and the EVA midsole make for a comfortable ride whilst retaining its durable qualities making the N9000 a perfect all round sneaker. Made in Italy at Diadora's headquarters in Caerano Di Son Marco which has a production facility in house.

The sneaker became discontinued at one point with trends changing, but recently returned in 2014 because sneakerheads started to appreciate a uniquely styled pair of kicks, so Diadora returned the N9000 with a striking comeback and have even collaborated on them silhouette with many successful companies such as Patta, Extra Butter & even Raekwon has a special pair. Showing how the 9000's have a strong shape and influence when other companies choose them to collaborate on.

So that is the specifications covered, let's move onto the style side of the game. The N9000 is iconic thanks to its unique styling and high-quality finishing. With a mesh base to create a breathable sneak, mixed with plush suede overlays that are so soft to the touch and finished off with premium leather panelling, all made and cut to create a decadent looking sneaker.

One of the colourways we have recently received into the store is the Princess Blue / Capri Blue iteration, featuring a warm-water aquatic vibe that boasts all the qualities of a Summer's day out at the coast. The vibrant upper replicates the warm blue skies or the clear blue ocean which really catches the eye. It is broken up with clean white lacing, branding on the heel, flanks and tongue. The hits of orange remind me of the warm sun and bring a fresh look for the sunny season.

The other colourway takes a much more minimal approach with an Optical white upper with tonal Oatmeal 'High Rise' accents on the panelling which bring a clean contemporary look on a heritage silhouette. The gum outsole extends to a section on the midsole and finishes the shoe off perfectly with a stylish, street-ready sneaker that will match perfectly with so many denim variations making them a versatile pair of kicks for all sneakerheads.

Which one of the two colourways shown are you most likely to rock? I personally sway to the White colourway due to how versatile they are for styling, but I can totally see the appeal of the warmer Princess Blue iteration (and maybe I should venture into something new and bring some colour to my wardrobe).

Diadora N9000 III 171853-C6636 in Princess Blue / Capri Blue

Diadora N9000 III 171853-C4157 in Optical White / High Rise