Rodney Mullen KILLS IT in his latest video piece.

Rodney Mullen

In 2003, Californian skateboard brand 'Almost' released the now iconic 'Almost Round 3', featuring skate parts from Daewon Song, Ryan Sheckler, Chris Haslam and the guru himself, Rodney Mullen.

Rodneys part in Almost round 3 was revolutionary, opening discussions and eyes about what was actually possible on a skateboard. Rodneys complex arsenal of flat-ground tricks included an extensive collection of EXCLUSIVE stunts, that only the man himself had a grasp of. Still to this day, its rare to see skaters with the skills of Rodney, and the imagination he had with a skateboard. Although their are exceptions, which we will link in below for your viewing pleasure.

Rodneys latest piece, which dropped earlier this week, was filmed when Rodney was 49. In the video, produced by VOGUE, he stands out as a more matured man, pulling off intricately beautiful tricks that you can tell he has been continuously progressing his whole life. The video stands as just over 4 minutes and is truly something to watch. Shout out Vouge for piecing this together.

Below you can find Rodneys iconic 'Round 3' part along with some other skaters with a similar style tearing it up! 

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