Photo of the Week

Did you remember to change your clocks this morning? Of course you didn't but luckily your phone probably did. So British Summer Time is here which means that we get more light in the evenings. Great news for natural light photographers working across the country.

This week's photo of the week is a throw back to Feburary when dusk would be upon us in the middle of the afternoon. When this happens we have a few options, either ramp up the ISO on our cameras, pack up and wait for the sun to rise again or break out the strobes. On this occasion, we decided to do the latter and carried a speedlight on the shoot.

The great thing about speed lights are that they are compact and very portable, the bad thing is that, in comparison to the sun, they are a tiny source of light with limited power and spread. To help soften the light I took the flash off-camera and bounced it into a small sheet of paper. It wasn't an elegant solution but it worked.

It's not often that I'll introduce artificial light into the photographs that I take and it'll probably become an even rarer event now that the clocks have gone forwards but it's definitely a viable option to create some interesting, directional lighting in photographs.

In this pic, Tom is rocking the Nike Air Footscape Magista Flyknit in Black.

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