Photo of the Week

Some of the sneakers that we select at Soleheaven are women's specific models and colourways, such as the Nike Air Max Thea and certain Nike Air Presto's that we stock. Even though there are some discrepancies between the sizing of men's and women's sneakers, it's never really bothered me if it was created for a specific gender. Especially with the prevalence of androgynous fashion, it's becoming more common to see non-gender specific pieces. Up until now we have always modelled the sneakers we stock on  men.

This week's photo of the week features Laura rocking the New Balance W530SD. It is a women's specific model that has also been popular with the male market but it's great to be able to show it being presented on a lass. In addition to appealing to a wider audience, photographing girls opens up so many opportunities regarding styling and posing. I'm looking forward to exploring more of this in the future. Watch this space!

- Ant