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This week's photo of the week is a behind the scenes look at one of the spreads that will be taking over our Instagram feed during our Christmas Sale.

It features the Nike Air Max Black SE pack laid out on a geometric background. A problem that frequently crops up when photographing black sneakers is losing the details of the footwear. By choosing to shoot late in the day, the lower angle of the light really helps to pick out the texture and form from the dark silhouettes, whilst the striking metal grid provides a contrast from the black beyond.

On the edges of the frame are a couple of items that I'll often take out on location; a holdall to carry products and a kneeling pad for when I'm getting low to the ground.

Getting into uncomfortable positions isn't unusual when I'm on a shoot and you might have noticed that I'm on my toes to capture this one. 

Stay glued to our Instagram feed to see the final image.

Show us your take on shooting black sneakers on Instagram by using the hashtag #teamsoleheaven

- Ant



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