Pearls Are Now A Girls Best Friend...

Heads up girls, you have some serious heat heading your way!

Another Jordan Heiress edition has landed, this time in the form of a 13. Which has been boldly dressed in a Dark Raisin and Hydrogen Blue colour combination that creates a beautiful pearlescent effect on the dimpled leather which gives a stunning shimmer in natural lighting. They can still be used for minimal outfits as they don't have a loud base colour thanks to the toned out Dark Raisin, so don't hesitate just because of the pearlescent sheen, it still holds a very tasteful style that shows a revered aesthetic.

For the ultimate premium flexing, subtle panels of suede have been added to construct the lower part of the sides and heel, which also extends its reach to the midsole for a decadent yet robust touch. Of course, the 13's are featuring the holographic jewel on the ankle and outsole for another striking visual that the Jordan 13 is renowned for as they reflect the eyes of a panther. The outsole is an icy translucent colour with a complementing tone of light blue.