Nike Air Max 98 'Meridian Line' - Exclusive To The UK

If you keep up to date on popular social media channels you will have seen images of these Air Max 98's floating around, but that still doesn't stop them from making an impact when you see them, they hold distinct visual qualities that set them apart from your typical Nike Air Max sneakers

20 years ago, Nike released the Air Max 98, following a similar shape to the beloved Air Max 97 predecessor with a sleek aesthetic and the full length air unit. Nike have kicked off the celebrations for this anniversary with a bang, releasing the Gundam & Tour Yellow colour-ways in January and now moving into this UK exclusive, which is lucky for us and those of you who live in the beautiful land of the United Kingdom, it may be cold & wet most days, but it's all worth it for moments like this when we get blessed with exclusive kicks.

1998 was famously the year that the International Space Station was launched into Earth's Orbit. So Nike have taken this momentous moment as inspiration behind the colour and design of the sneakers. With the Pearlescent Gold accents representing the mask's visor of the Astronauts spacesuit as well as the Golden solar panels that can be seen on the space station, where the White base is resembles the crisp suit. Additionally 2018 can be seen on the heel tab in a futuristic Sci-Fi font and '98 on the tongue as a celebration of the 20th anniversary. To further emphasise this futuristic flex the mesh panelling has a 3M underlay to give a vibrant and bright look in the day and night. Bold AirMax branding adorns the inner flanks for a distinct aesthetic that is sure to grab the attention of everyone in your vicinity. 

The 'Meridian Line' nickname stems from '0° 0°' that can be seen on the toe-box, symbolising the Longitude & Latitude of Greenwich (located in London) which birthed the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). As the United Kingdom grew into an advanced maritime nation, it became internationally adopted in the International Meridian Conference of 1884. Terence Sambo is the fashion editor for Pause Mag and was asked by Nike to tell the story of the Air Max 98 and he said "It's a city that never sleeps, so it’s only right that the basis of time “00:00:00” for the entire world has London at its centre.”

The Air Max is built for city life, with a robust nature that can survive the daily wear and tear of the urban jungle, whilst the air unit keeps you light on your toes making that daily, bustling commute that little bit easier, allowing you to adventure and explore all day long.