Nike Air Max 95: 23 Years Of Innovation

Nike Air Max 95: 23 Years Of Innovation

Since 1987 the Air Max range of Nike trainers have taken the world by storm. Time after time each new line brings added flavour to the air-soled favourites of generations to stores around the globe. For this feature let’s look further at the Nike Air Max 95 series, such us the Air Max 95 ultra, Nike Air Max ultra se and 95 Air Max  OG. Debuting in 1995 (of course) and featuring the exceptional cushioning and characteristics loved by runners and athletes worldwide, the Air Max 95 grey has stood the test of time and is a fan-favourite today.  Over the years there have been some tweaks to the original design that have brought depth to the range that we proudly feature in our collection at Sole Heaven.

Air Max 95 Ultra 

The first major addition to be noted here in the 95’s series are the Air Max 95 Ultra Jaquard’s. Combining the Jaquard fabric-weaving style and the Air Max 95 model has produced one of the most stunning pairs of sneakers in our Nike inventory.  Featured here in suede and canvas (and above in a blend of Obsidian and colour-blending stitching) these are exceptionally comfortable trainers that are sturdy and long-lasting.

Nike Air Max 95 Essential
Air Max 95 Essential

A must-have for sneaker collectors in the same range is the Air Max 95 Essential. Boasting the iconic Air Max 95 se rib-cage style and triple colourway wave that complement the contours and style of this brilliant pair of kicks.  A best-selling colour scheme that has carried on for nearly two decades has to be the white vs light and dark grey. A trainer that’s sleek yet solid and always a winner! Check out Soleheaven's Nike Collection!

Air Max 95 Premium Range

Another major addition to the series is the Air Max 95 Premium range. Sporting very similar features to the original 95 and the Essential, the Premium subtly switches things up with slight fabric changes but strides forward with fresh colourways, patterns and a brand new look to the Air 95 series.

Nike Air Max 95 Premium in Olive