Nike Air Max 1: The Shoe That Started It All

Nike Air Max 1: The Shoe That Started It All

The Air Max 1, unsurprisingly was the very first of the tremendously successful Air Max series. Brought to us by the same designer who worked on many of the Air Jordan models (Tinker Hatfield) who has arguably produced some of the best trainers on the planet. Here at Soleheaven we have a huge range of all the Air Max’s including the one that started it all, the Air Max 1. There have been a crowd of derivatives and customisations made to the first generation of this shoe. To pick a few of the best we must give special attention to the original Air Max 1, the Air Max 1 Premium SC and the Air Max WMNS & Premium versions.

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The Original Air Max 1

The Original Air Max 1 has been flying off the shelves since it came out and doesn’t seem to show any sign of stopping. Relaunching this year in its original colourways as collectables for fanatics or simply lovers of a great pair of sneakers, Sole Heaven has what you need in the Nike Air Max one collection here. With a few tweaks to the design (namely the reduction of the Swoosh) the Air Max 1 Premium is an excellent addition to and sneaker-head’s collection and with only the newest and best about, the tanned and olive blend is one of the best Air Max 1 Premiums to hit our stock.

Nike Air Max 1 - The Greatest Sneaker of All Time

Air Max 1 Premium
With such a high level of bragging rights in the men’s department, it would be mad to think the women’s range would be any less than spectacular, particularly the Air Max 1 WMNS and the WMNS Premium. Using the original Air Max 1’s style, the WMNS adds a feminine flair to the collection in keeping with the prowess of the overall series. Of course, the masterminds at Nike had to tweak their design and have produced the Premium version of the WMNS that offers only the most unique and sought-after of the women’s Nike shoes.

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