Music For The Sole x Sneaker Focus: Kurupt FM - The History Of The Nike Air Max

Listen up rudeboys, we are going to learn the history of the iconic Air Max through the mind of Londons best pirate radio crew in West London Kurupt FM with the likes of Mc Grindah, the self-proclaimed garage legend and his main man Dj Beats. 

They know the score when it comes to sneakers and music and especially Air Max (Kind of) so sit back, relax and get ready to learn about the history of the Air Max, from the garage scene to Grime, to the culture, the London ting, where everyone is rocking Air Max... especially the 110's... wait these 110's, actually cut that we will start again. They even show you how to shape and style your Air Max so you can pull all the birds so this video really is a treat for all the senses.

*Warning* Your mind will be blown. Check it out at