Music For the Sole! What We're Listening To

Since we've been showing #WHATWEWEAR recently, we thought we'd extend that to the our Monday music feature and let you know what we've been listening to.

 Dale Managing Director - Bonobo - Migration

"Having followed Bonobo since the days of 'Dial M for Monkey', I'm glad to see he hasn't missed a step with his most recent release, Migration. Big fan of this guy and anything he touches, perfect soundtrack to a melancholic day."

Andrew Assistant Photography - Kendrick Lamar - Damn

"For me this was album of the year before it even dropped. I've been so hyped on Kendrick to follow up his last two albums, that I knew Damn would be a masterpiece. The standout track for me has to be DNA, and it's accompanying video. Every time I watch it I notice something new. Incredible stuff."

Jacob Sales Specialist - Wale - Shine

"Wale dropped off a little bit for me, but Shine has been a surprising return to form for the guy. That track with Major Lazer is really dope, love hearing it in the club."


Ollie - Vince Staples Primmadonna

"I've slept on Vince for quite a while, but a good friend of mine basically harassed me in to listening to this mixtape and it's unbelievable. That 3 stacks feature for starters, and the beat selection on the tape, through to Staples lyrical ability across the track. Just wished it flowed better, but the skits are a nice edition.

Callum Merchadise Director - Mac Miller - The Divine Feminine 

"I've been getting a lot of re-listen out of this album recently, very enjoyable. The track with Anderson .PAAK  (Dang!) Is a banger. Really happy to see those two MCs on a track together, as they're both two of my favourites currently.

Tom Content Writer - Rich Chigga, Keith Ape and XXXTENTACION - Gospel

"How these three guys got on one track together I'll never know, but the fact that they did has made me so happy. Imagine going back 20 years and trying to explain these 3 artists to the common hip hop head, they would just laugh but I like their energy.

 Harry Warehouse Manager - J Hus - Common Sense

"I'm a self-confessed Grime geek, and I'm really big on what's going on in the underground scene. Seeing J murdering the competition on the way to getting a major label deal has been entertaining, as well as inspirational. Common Sense is a fantastic starting point for this guy.

Josh Dispatch Assistant - Mellowhype - Numbers

"Both Hodgy and Left Brain were two of my favourite guys out of OF. Been getting nostalgic listening to this. 64 is my jam!"

Luke Photography Manager - XXYYXX - Self Titled

"I've been throwing back to this recently for a bit of change up. The album is huge front to back, and I think XXYYXX has one of the most refreshing takes to sampling I've heard in a long time. Really hoping for a new full length sometime soon"