Music For the Sole! WESTSIDE DOOM - Gorilla Monsoon

It's been an odd week for DOOM fans. On one hand, Everyone's favourite mature cartoon TV Network, Adult Swim, announced a cancellation of their hidden notebook series of releases of DOOM rarities with little to no publicity. In this midst of this chatter, a collaboration with up and coming MC Westside Gunn found it's way in to the world the day of the cancellation. Doom giveth and he taketh for eternity. At this point if you've stuck with metal face, you just accept what you're given. It does help when the offering is great as well.

Gorilla Monsoon is a typically moody affair for Gunn, with his regular producer Daringer providing a horror sample laden beat to compliment his slow and nasal delivery. Gunn's ability to name drop fashion brands in his raps have gotten him some major recognition, and there's no let up here as he's able to drop 'Anti Social Social Club' and 'Vetements' amongst others in to play.  It's a typically stoic affair for DOOM as of late, a crooned verse with his typically unusual rhyming ability slowed down to a snail pace. Sporadic starts and stops of each bar a plenty.

If this didn't fill your palette enough, well according to Gunn there's more where that came from. Confirming in an interview with Hypebeast that there would be more tracks to come alongside this initial effort. "With this WESTSIDEDOOM shit, I honestly feel from what I did and what he did on those two songs with Alchemist and Daringer, nigg*s is in trouble and the whole world is about to understand what I’m saying."

So we ended up having the first DOOM project in years cancelled, to then be replaced by another DOOM project the same day. Supervillian toys with us again.