Music For The Sole! Sylvan LaCue - Apologies In Advance

After some time away, we're happy to bring you a brand new record unearthed from the underground!

Sylvan LaCue is a native Florida lyricist and beat maker that brings an honest and refreshing take to the rap world with his new release 'Apologies in Advance'. Fresh off a name change, a label change and attitude change, LaCue drops his most cathartic release of his young career, channelling a lot of inner analysis into the project, with the track arrangement style like a 12 step AA programme. 

On the face of things, the early Kendrick comparisons ring through, especially with a similar rhyming palette and references to himself (LaCue even shed his previous moniker, QuESt post first mixtape release, just like King Kenny), but whereas the king of Compton looks extrinsically for influence, it's the intrinsic influence that LaCue used, and needed, to make this soul-baring project. 

Songs like 'Best Me', 'Love & Sacrifice' and Jay-Z tribute '5:55' are LaCue at his best, using tricky rhyme schemes and inner dreams to paint a picture of a man battling his inner depression, seeing his contemporaries and peers pass him by, and using his heroes to realise everyone is the same, we all go through ups and downs, but it's the way we overcome adversity to be the measurement of character. 

Check out the record below and let us know what you think!