Music For the Sole - Release Round-Up 30/10

You're going to have to excuse us here on this week's new music round-up. After implementing this lovely, new, round-up format for an eclectic take on the week's new releases, we've only gone and selected one track from two(!!!!) weeks ago. It is an absolute corker though...


Floating Points - Ratio

Fans of the blog will hopefully have seen or heard some our features on Floating Points AKA Sam Sheppard's incredible recording project. Early this year he treats us to a full length follow up to his debut album, Elaenia, with the album Reflections (Mojave Desert), a barnstorming post-rock cum electronic piece with accompanying movie. After being left incredibly content by that initial effort, this surprise single drop has left our jaws on the floor with some sublime displays of the original electronic ability displayed on his earlier releases. Ratio, this latest single, is a 19-minute long track (plus a radio edit) rich with analogue instrumentation, sweeping movement and challenging arrangements, much like Sheppard's live band orchestration. The track moves and sways within one fell swoop, able to take one singular musical motif and drag it to a near 20-minute execution. There is no one in the same category as Floating Points putting out the sounds that he's channelling, and I'm willing to boldly claim that. This guy is the Jordan, the Lebron, the Gretzky, the Messi and Ronaldo! We strongly implore you all to get this on the stereo now, and if you're as keen as we are, the full mix and the radio edit work into each other with ease (turning this track into a near hour-long banger)