Music For the Sole! New Release Round-up

It's Monday, we've had a few new releases in rotation so we thought we'd throw a spotlight on a few albums and tracks worth listening to.

Wu Tang Clan - The Saga Continues

This week we've been blessed with a surprise Wu Tang drop. Bringing the gang back together after the overdue and slightly maligned A Better Tomorrow, it's a sub heavy posse cut through and through with every MC getting a chance to shine across the release (no GZA or U-God though). If you're a Wu Gambino, you'll mess with this project regardless, and it's a treat to hear these guys go strong over live band cuts. Highlight track is Pearl Harbor with Ghostface, Meth, RZA and Sean Price.

Gucci Mane - Mr. Davis

It's Gucci, he's back with a new album. It's good. With another project after his brief incarceration, it's nice to see Gucci focusing on his music with a number projects and features all around the rap world. Feature plenty on this one, with Migos, Schoolboy Q, A$AP Rocky and Nicki Minaj amongst a tonne of other strong featuring artists across the board.

King Krule - The Ooz

It's a sober affair for King Krule on his 3rd release. As track after track plays through, it becomes perfectly clear that absolutely no one in the world can possibly touch Krule on this shit. His ability to fine tune his musical arrangements and production style, paired with that unmistakable voice, have made him a commodity in the music sphere. Throw this album on during a rainy melancholic day, and you'll immerse yourself in to this indie beats cum punk jazz project like no other album from this year. 


Westside DOOM - 2Stings

This Alchemist produced second cut from the forthcoming collaboration piece via Westside Gunn and MF DOOM places DOOM in the driver's seat for an another moody and brooding track. DOOM displays his other worldly ability to create outrageous word play and connect with a beat like no other, Gunn pops in with his supporting verse, but DOOM comes out on top in round 2.

St. Vincent - Masseduction

St. Vincent's Annie Clark has come along way from her humble, mellow beginnings. New offering, Masseduction, brings a glam rock aesthetic to what resonates as a break up album, her high profile relationship with model Cara Delevingne bring most of the subject matter to life (Delevingne lends backing vocals to the album itself). It's really more of the same from St. Vincent with supplemental ideas and musical stylings brought by Kendrick Lamar producer Sounwave. Patented Good Pop with weird guitars.