Music For the Sole! New Release Radar - What We're Listening To

At Soleheaven, we'd like to think we've got our finger on the pulse of new music, so we thought we'd extend and ear bud out to you guys to have a go at what we're listening to!


Oliver- Sales Specialist

Lcd Soundsystem - American Dream

These guys are one of my favourite all time bands, very happy to see them back and making great music. Got tickets to see them next week too. This album lives up to every expectation I had.

Callum - Merchandise Director

A$AP Mob - Cozy Tapes Vol 2: Too Cozy

Big fan of this mix front to back, great features from a plethora of artists. Most of all it's got me ready for that new Rocky album! Cant be long to wait now, surely.

Tom - Content Writer

XXXTentacion - Jocelyn Flores
People tend to not take him seriously due to his age and the way memes are created from most of his songs, but this album and this song in particular shows a different side to him and I love the change of tempo from the heavy distortion and shouting.


Luke - Photography Manager

Ross From Friends- In An Emergency
Its a refreshing listen, Ross has this original flair to his beats and when I seen them play live it was surreal compared to normal DJ sets as they were essentially like a band! And come on the name is great, so you need to give these a listen.


And an old one from our boss!

Dale - Managing Director

Utah Jazz- Comfort Zone

Been revisiting my old days of Jungle over the weekend, Utah Jazz manages to take me back to a care free time. Burnt Out is also an old school jam!