Music For the Sole! LCD Soundsytem - Call the Police / American Dream

LCD Soundsystem are back. James Murphy and co with a swift 1-2 combo of double A sides have calmed the naysayers on  'Call the Police / American Dream' bringing about a fresh writing perspective unheard on their previous efforts.

Straight off the bat with the first track 'Call the Police' we treat to the familiar sounds of LCD. Murphy sings cryptically about how 'This is nothing' a potential comment on the humble introduction  of LCD back in to limelight, but as the track plays out we're treat to more politically charged intentions. Calls to 'Eat the Rich' and cries of 'There’s a full-blown rebellion' start to indicate a broader subject matter, something Murphy has touched upon with songs like 'New York I Love You...' but never at the ambitious scale presented. Sonically, the band has never sounded better on both cuts. Their brand of Rock cum Post Punk / Electronica shinning through alongside a huge stadium rock presence that would be better suited to 1987 rather than 2017. The classic two chord progressions the band have used since the dawn of time still as refreshing as ever.

On 'American Dream' Murphy channels his self deprecating humour heavily throughout. Pulsating synth backing keeps the mood on edge, with Murphy recounting a potential real come down off the strong stuff. Talk of visual hallucinations, brutal self evaluation and outright Catharsis rarely seen in an LCD song. There's the ability to look at yourself and ask if you're going the right way past 30 (see All My Friends), but then there's the full on existential crisis Murphy is displaying on this track. Cryptic chants of 'American Dream' are slowly drowned out by warm synths accompanying the track. If either of these tracks are anything to go by, this forth coming record is going to be an unmissable release.