Music For the Sole! Frank Ocean - Chanel

It's Monday, we're back with a track review of Frankie Ocean's newest effort since 'Blond', lets get in to it.

In this latest release from Frank, we find him returning to a similar formula used Channel Orange, subverting the avant garde theme of 'Blond' for a laid back, down tempo approach, focusing on Frank's vocal and lyrical ability, with minimal accompaniment from the autotune found over 'Blond'. Chanel's tone has a similar to that of Frank Ocean collaborator Sampha, with it's stripped down instrumental backing, production being handled by super talented Scandinavian RnB duo Jarami .

 The lyrics are partially focused on Frank's well documented sexuality. His use of the Chanel  logo and it's mirrored logo as a metaphor for bisexuality, as well as many references to things with subjects with duel meaning. First listening through had me mistaking the chorus as 'I see both sides as Chappelle', so I wrote a big thing about the return of Dave Chappelle and how great Frank was giving a spotlight to Dave for a new generation. But yeah, Chanel is pretty cool too.

The track is a nice update from Frank post 'Blond'. We found out he's taking some time out in Japan (Shibuya to be exact), he's got a hot guy, he has a self driving Tesla (That Elon Musk hook up), and he's got a stupid amount of money to burn, so much so he can spend it on stupid things like rolls of Delta Airlines gift cards, and collab bags (Louis V Supreme maybe?). Only Frank can make a heartfelt, profound ballad that talks about token rap topics like Sex, Money, Cars and drugs, yet still make it super classy and refined.

As a track, it's not going to go down as one of Frank's best, but it still up holds a consistency that frank has displayed over the last year. Hopefully this track is a sign of intent to keep dropping new music now that he's outside of the constraints of a major label.

How do you guys feel about this new one? Love it or hate it? Peep the track below!