Music For The Sole! Bishop Nehru - Elevators Act I & II

Underground purveyor Bishop Nehru is taking the elevator straight to the top with a new album produced exclusively by rap heavyweights MF DOOM and Kaytranada.

With this his debut solo album after a number of collaborations and mixtapes Nehru is allowed to strike out on two separated sections to his concept album, Parts I & II to Elevators. 

As fans of Nehru's exploits so far, we're happy to report that this is more of the same from the up and coming champion of the underground. It's rare to see a young rapper unwavering in their musical exploits. Nehru, a son of the Big Apple, is unashamed in his underground hustle, willing to slum it with the big boys.

Having previously hooked up with DOOM on the underrated NehruvianDOOM as a brief stint on Nas's Mass Appeal label, the 21-year-old Nehru has no reservation about his place in the Hip/Hop landscape. Some may see a pairing of DOOM and KAYTRANDA as a statement of association, using two vastly superior collaborators to bring in a new set of fans, but as Nehru states on his album closer 'Rooftops' 

I’m tryna shoot for the sky like it’s rooftops / I know that they could see the rise like new stocks / So I’m headed for the rooftops.” 

With the vastly different production styles splitting the album in half, we're given a split consciouses from the mind of Nehru dictated by his beatmakers. Nehru isn't on a Kendrick level of voice manipulation, his sultry slow rhyming showing maturity way above his years, but it's the subject matter that allows him to be reflective and contemplative alongside ambition and a drive, the search for ascension. 

All around, for a debut, this is a solid project with a real pedigree on display, well worth the wait!