Music For the Sole! BADBADNOTGOOD

As regular readers will know, Monday's Music For the Sole! Is usually an album/track review of a new release, or older throwback review. As we're still reeling from the lyrical bombs dropped by a certain high profile artist last week, we thought we'd use this week's piece to start a feature on a few of our favourite producers / artists involved in the creation of some of our favourite beats.

As a genre, Jazz is arguably the most maligned and easiest to label as 'LAME' The people who say this were probably exposed to a bit too much Kenny G by their New Balance wearing parents.

Currently, jazz is experiencing a renewed lease thanks to a number of trail blazing artists. The Low End Theory scene of Los Angeles headed by Flying Lotus, Thundercat and affiliates have brought a spectrum of ideas to the table, channeling free form styles of the Coltrane's and Davis' to the acid jazz-fusion craziness of the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Rappers like Mick Jenkins, Tyler and Earl of Odd Future and Kendrick Lamar are only a small contingent of new artists adding a jazz tinge to their style. BADBADNOTGOOD, 4 jazz schooled maniacs from Canada, are the group really melding Hip/Hop instrumentation with Jazz sensibilities, like a live action Boom Bap era. We've picked out 5 of their tracks you should check out.



 A true starting point for the at the time trio, who at the time were making a name for themselves through their covers, had Tyler, the Creator lending his vocal abilities to a rearranged version of this cut off his debut mixtape, 'Bastard'. The track serves a great starting point for the BBNG sound. Versions of 'Fish' and Gucci Mane's Orange Juice from this session go as hard as possible.



 One of the original compositions found on their second mixtape, showing a push to keep a hold of their jazz stylings, whilst containing their typical pounding grooves that are prevalent on the majority of recordings. The accompanying video a true delight.



 To my knowledge, this is the first forray in to production the band made back in 2012, before going to work on the soundtrack of RZA's 'Man With the Iron Fists'. In this track we get trap influenced bass growl, alongside moody, swirling synths. A benchmark change up in sound for the guys, who provided a very different look to an already abstract track off of DOOM and Jneiro Jarel's collab album.

 BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Ray Gun (ft. DOOM)


 A collaboration album with the Wu-Tang legend Tony Starks allowed them to follow through with RnB stylings touched on the aforementioned 'Man With the Iron Fists' Soundtrack. The Wallabee Champ reigns supreme with luscious instrumentals complimenting his unique style.

Kendrick Lamar - Lust (Produced by BADBADNOTGOOD, FRANK DUKES & SOUNWAVE)

I guess we can't go a week without at least mentioning K-Dot's name on the website (especially not at the moment) But the instrumental of this track with it's reversed drum patterns, syncopated bass grooves and sweeping melody provide an eary base for one of the hardest hitting tracks on the record. The fact that BBNG can kick it with top producers and instrumentalists like Alchemist, Mike Will Made It, Thundercat and U2, with executive producer Dr.Dre co signing on the track too. Who knows how far the group can keep going.