Music For the Sole! Artist Spotlight - Adrian Younge

Here at Soleheaven, we've flipped our namesake in pursuit of some different musical hits from another area of the urban music climate. As is usual for us to do, we wanted to present you the top tracks of a man who has slowly but surely pushed Soul in to new boundaries for the best part of a decade. Once you get used to Adrian's style, you'll find it hard to forget the sound of his crisp

Adrian Younge may not be a name you'll recognise off the bat, but he's produced, worked with and scored a plethora of albums, artists and films that'll make you think 'man, this dude is slept on!'. As we're all about this guy at the moment, we thought we'd treat you to some essential listening from this retro genius of the hip/hop world.

Black Dynamite - The Official Soundtrack

The moment that placed Younge on the map was his his homage to the James Brown led Funk/Soul numbers of the past, compiling a compelling body of work to pair with the namesake film. The whole soundtrack is incredibly tongue in cheek, referencing the tone of the film perfectly. The film is essential viewing for fans of old school action films, stylisation and funny dialogue, with Younge's soundtrack fitting in perfectly through the narrative of the film. The Theme from the film, 'Dynomite', will stay in your brain for decades after.

 Something About April I

After the success of Black Dynamite, Younge took a moment to focus on solo production, creating the compilation 'Something About April I'. A grittier depature from the update nature of Black Dynamite, 'Something About April' shares more in common with Experimental artists like King Crimson and Pink Floyd than James Brown. This is the first record of Younge's where you get a true taste of his crunchy rhythm section, bass and drums compressed and recorded straight on to tape to create a retro rock/soul sound. Allowing guest vocalists to take the lead over tracks, being a moody narrative over the record.

Adrian Younge Presents: Ghostface Killah's Twelve Reasons to Die

The big benchmark for Younge as he links up with the Wu-Tang's most imaginative MC over a high concept album. Ghostface is Tony Starks, an Italian mob enforcer straight from the 1960s, betrayed after falling in love with the daughter of his mafia family's boss. Starks is brought back as Ghostface Killah, revenge incarnate. If this isn't good enough for you, the album includes features from RZA (Who serves as executive producer), Cappadonna, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa, and U-God. Even ODB makes a return on 'The Rise of the Ghostface Killah'. Younge's channeling of Ennio Morricone's classic compositions in to a sweeping score to a revenge film compliment Ghostface's typical vivid lyricism perfectly.

Luke Cage - Official Soundtrack

Following on from his work on the Black Dynamite soundtrack, Younge paired up with ATQ producer Ali Shaheed Muhammad to create the expansive soundtrack to Marvel's bulletproof superhero Luke Cage. As a standalone series, before the eventual pairing of all the Marvel 'Defenders' (No more nerding out I swear), Younge and Muhammad were tasked with creating an expansive body of music to compliment the Harlem based show. Ranging from nods to Wu-Tang, as well as classic soul of the 60s and 70s, the soundtrack gives that nostalgic feeling needed to pair with it's source material. A fantastic companion to an outstanding show.

Bonus: Kendrick Lamar - Untitled 06

Alongside production for Bilal, Souls of Mischief, Jay Z and Schoolboy Q, Adrian Younge (With the help of Ali Shaheed) produced this B-Side from The Pimp a Butterfly sessions. The upbeat track making it on to the brilliant Untitled Unmastered.

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