Music For the Sole! Arcade Fire - Everything Now

As readers of the blog will know, we've been waiting for the 5th album from the Canadian outfit since 2016, featuring the potential project as an album we wanted to see in 2017. Luckily we have been treated with the groups newest release, Everything Now, or what happens when an album doesn't live up to Expectations. 7 years removed from their unexpected Grammy stint, and Arcade Fire one of the biggest pop rock bands in the world, so why is it a surprise when they release a great pop rock album? 
The Everything now album
Everything now isn't an ambitious venture. The world music cum disco of Reflektor finds some similarities here, and there are numerous moments in the album taking cues from prior releases. An instant familiarity with the tracks is presented, yet the band's fan base is torn on the opinion of it. Reviewers from across publications have either loved it or hated it. Neither in our opinion is a correct analysis.
Everything Now is a good album. It's not as good as other Arcade Fire albums, but compared to their contemporaries in the pop/rock area, the tracks are vibrant, colourful and interesting. But because of the narrative of change and the constant shadow of a back catalogue, the album is trashed for its lack of ambition. 
Singles like Electric Blue, Creature Comfort, Signs of Life and the titular track, Everything Now is great recorded tracks, as well as being featured heavily in their promotional tour pre the album. I doubt many fans weren't a fan after a first listen. I can attest to this having seen the band headline a recent festival. The songs are instant live hits.
'Peter Pan' and 'Chemistry'
A major issue comes in some of the other songs on the album. Namely 'Peter Pan' and 'Chemistry'. The unfortunate one two punch just so happen to have irked a fan Base, with fans declaring Peter pan the worst arcade fire song ever, until they'd made it through to the next song. Both are a departure of the typical 'Arcade Fire sound' easy album filler to Segway the album. Look past the fact that the album isn't 'The Suburbs 2' and you'll feel the ambition to evolve in the band. It should come as no surprise that the band would use Caribbean musical styles, they've been doing it since their first album. Neither these songs are bad.
All in all the album is good, not great. What's your opinion?