Music For the Sole! 2017 What We're Looking Forward to

New year New music feature! We at Soleheaven are looking to the future for our 2017 music previews. Singles, Mixtapes, E.p.s and Albums we're all expecting, and maybe in some cases hoping, see the light of day in 2017.

Callum Hill - Creative Director - Childish Gambino x Chance The Rapper (Untitled Project)

'Both Gambino and Chance are two of my favourite artists respectively, with both of them pairing up I'm expecting something more experimental than their last two projects, pushing the boundaries of what's previously been expected from them as individuals. Lyrically, I think it'll be a great pairing.'

Simon Blenkinsop - Store Manager -  Bronson Mixtape? (Human Highlight Reel)

'Since the move to 6 Old Eldon there hasn't gone a day where Bronson's voice hasn't been heard in store. It would just be quite nice to see him get back in to the rap game and put out a full length effort. A man can dream!'

Ollie Winn - Sales Specialist - LCD Soundsytem 'Untitled Unannounced Project'

'Last year was a big year for LCD, getting the ball rolling with a Christmas Song in 2015, and then the announcement of a full reformation and world tour to boot in summer 2016, but it was the news of their move from DFA records (Mr LCD Soundsystem James Murphy's own label imprint) to Columbia Records that got the album talk rolling. Considering that every LCD release has been stellar (in my eyes) I expect much of the same with the next LP.'

 Ant Tran - Photographic Content Manager - Kendrick Lamar X J Cole potential release

'This has been on the cards for what feels like years now, but I'm feeling that after two strong releases last year respectively 2017 is the year we finally see a full length from two of the best in the rap game, at their respective peaks. See 2015's Black Friday split release from the two, and Hiiipower on Kendrick's Section 80 for a hype reference'

James Hastie - Content Writer - Loyle Carner 'Yesterday's Gone'

'British Hip-Hop finally has a figure head to challenge the US after all these years. Refreshingly out of touch with the current grime invasion, Loyle has managed to combine a fan base of indie heads and rap fans with his early releases, and I expect him to go from strength to strength with his first full length release.'

Tom Wheldon - Content Writer -  Arcade Fire 'Untitled Album'

'Really looking forward to the follow up to Reflektor. These guys were arguably the biggest band in the world during the release and tour of the last album, and I think they can hit those heights again. Would be interested to see if they push forward with another style/theme for this record, or if they go back to styles seen on 'Suburbs' and 'Neon Bible.'


Andrew Moorhead - Photography Intern - Anderson PAAK. 'Untitled Major Label Debut Album'

'Had PAAK. as my one to watch last year with a number of my friends, and this year I expect him to finally release his major label debut on Aftermath ENT. Yet to be disappointed by PAAK.'

Harry Moorhead - Warehouse Manger - Good Music 'Cruel Winter'

'Mercy was the soundtrack of my high school years. If Kanye and Co. come anywhere close to that level of hype off a release, I'll be a happy man. Will be interested to see if CuDi has a song on this compilation, as Creepers was arguably the highlight of Cruel Summer.'

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