Air Force 1 Camo Pack

Nike has blessed us this holiday season with a brand new iteration in the Country Camo series. This year the attention falls on the Air Max 97 and The Air Force 1, with the Air Force 1 harnassing a plethora of Camos in multiple colours to take your fancy.

With a mixture of Stucco, Muted Team Gold and Beige being used as the base colours in the pack, it's up to an audacious mix of military camouflage to make up the rest of the complexion, with each camo being distributed and used to a variety of different effects including a 3M materialisation for each silhouette.

The Stucco colouring on the initial Air Force 1 has a disruptive camo pattern as it's accented, with an almost 'Jelly Bean' like makeup. Bright pops of Aqua, Grape and Khaki are an unusual camo accompaniment but work a treat on this neutral colour palette.

With any camo pack, there's going to be a classic woodland camo design brought to the table. Emulating the Supreme collaboration of 2012, this leather woodland camo upper sits on a clean white midsole for (ironically) maximum standard out effect. Black accents across branding, tongue and laces bring this colourway together as the standout of the pack.

Our final focus is on the classic Desert Camo, a timeless design featured on the initial Special Field Air Force 1 earlier this year and used throughout the Nike spectrum. Leaving the toe box untainted with a beige colouring, it's the rear of the shoe that does the talking.