Introducing Remi Rough

Soleheaven are bringing another lively and exhilarating project with London based artist Remi Rough. With this new project we have created a new abstract and imaginative collaboration with Remi and his favourite Nike Sneaker the Air Woven.

Remi Rough is a well known and highly appreciated street and gallery artist from South London who has produced large scale street art pieces on multi story buildings which developed into acrylic painted studio pieces and exhibitions. Throughout the 80’s he was a supporting role in the progression of the UK graffiti art scene and in the 90’s became a part of the Abstract Graffiti movement and his solo career increased from this point.

His work essences bold block colours formed with clean cut lines and sharp edged shapes over all producing loud and dimensional works of art. His work entails an experimental factor which is what makes the observatory of it so intriguing and helps the concept of art work moving forward. There is a futuristic element towards the principle of Remi’s creations such as the 3D sculpture he has recently constructed at an exhibition in Rome where he worked with folded forms of synthetic felt materials.

A famous eye catcher of one of Remi’s collaboration pieces has to be the project commissioned by the company that owns Karpo restaurant and the Megaro Hotel which is actually London’s largest mural to this day painted energetically on the Georgian building. From start to finish the mural took 2 weeks and in the process 150 litres of emulsion and 160 litres of spray paint were put to good use. It sits across the street from one of London's busiest locations - King’s Cross Station, so if you are ever visiting it’s definitely something to see and it’s certainly not hard to miss.

Remi takes full enthusiasm and fulfillment regardless of the aspect of the project. He believes that painting is one form of art where you can gain a narrative towards the artist doing it and from the work they produce you can grasp their emotion behind it.  From concrete to canvas and paper to wood Remi manages to push aesthetic ability to a whole new dimensional perspective.

We hope you are intrigued as there is lots more to be revealed, if you didn’t know much about Remi Rough we hope this helps and if you can’t wait to know more you can visit his website via the link below. Keep up to date with us as there’s a lot more on the way...

All images taken directly from Remi Rough's Website.

Remi Rough - Website link