Not too long ago, Soleheaven embarked on a special campaign to engage multiple sides of the creative/urban spectrum. We pulled together a team of heads to create a unique music video experience, paying homage to sneaker culture with a cover of the legendary track 'I know you got soul' by OG's Erik B & Rakim, the '87 classic.

The vocal talent, provided by the one and only Mystro, seamlessly integrates sneaker brands, models, and clothing brands we've sold in the past into the lyrics, 'Find a New Balance, and let it work', 'We've got a Diamond Supply' , Listen carefully, their are all sorts of hidden treats in Mystros bars. How mancy can you pick up on? 

You can watch the super slick video our team produced for the project on both Youtube and Vimeo (Be warned though.. one version may be a little NSFW), it follows the story of one girl's dream of owning the best sneaker collection... by any means necessary. She 'woo's' the lads with her charms, then, when they're least expecting it, takes them for all they've got, I.E, that fresh pair of kicks from Soleheaven. By the end of the video, she's amassed quite the collection. Now, further down the line, we've finally got the track finalized and pressed, available for digital download and 7" press. 

We would like to shout out the following people for their effort and assistant throughout the project, Nick Light, Steven Aitchison, Mystro, Ellis Cooper, Steesh Haggie & Joe Zahra.

The track was originally made for DSK's Soleheaven mixtape, and it's amazing to see it finally get an official digital release and even more so to get it pressed onto a 7" record. 

You can cop your copy here. 

Then, a little further down the line, the Soleheaven team pulled together another musical campaign with a team of pure talent, including the one and only JEHST and local legend Smoove. The video for this one was a lot of fun to shoot, we had skaters, BMXers, fire breathers, all putting in 100% at 5-Bridges, a local skate spot. 

 It's very nostalgic to watch this one back, we had an incredible day shooting the video for this one. We'd like to give a huge thank you to everyone involved in both these special projects. 


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