Geology Rocks, Well Now It Does Anyways...

Nike Air Presto & Sock Dart Premium available to Buy at Soleheaven

If you have ever been interested in the way the world is formed (I studied Geology in College and loved it). Finding out about Glacier formations, Volcanic structures like Pahoehoe and many other fascinating parts of the world that are the way they are because of different Geological factors. If you were a bit of an outdoor geek like me then you will know what Hematite is, but for those of you that don't, Hematite is a mineral formation from Iron Oxide that can form in different locations like near Volcanic Activity or in the ocean, weirdly it is harder than pure iron, but much more brittle meaning it can snap easily.

It has a very distinct metallic colour that varies from black to steel or silver-gray, brown to reddish brown, or red. But typically in North America is has a steel appearance, which has given Nike the influence to brandish the street ready Presto & Sock Dart with a beautiful Hematite makeover that adorns the accents on each sneaker. The good thing about this pack is that despite the standout metallic accents, the Black base colour provides a wearable option that has that special edge to them and luckily it doesn't have a cheap plastic effect and genuinely looks like actual Hematite.

The Sock Dart has the Metallic Hematite cover the strap that stretches across the sneaker and complements the black base, where the Presto features the mineral across the caging and wraps around the heel. 

Both models are primed and ready for the Summer with both pairs having foot hugging neoprene uppers that stretch to your feet with essential breathable qualities, the outsoles on both provide flexible, natural stepping motion, which I think we can all agree on, is very needed when you are walking around all day long in the blistering heat.

Whichever silhouette is taking your fancy you will be treating your feet to a supreme piece to add a rich element to your sneaker collection.

Releasing Friday 28/07/17 at 08:00 am BST so make sure to keep yourself updated on our Social Media page to guarantee yourself a pair.


Nike Sock Dart Premium 'Metallic Hematite' Available at 08:00 am 28/07/17

Nike Air Presto Premium 'Metallic Hematite' Available at 08:00 am 28/07/17

Nike Sock Dart Premium Metallic Hematite available to buy at Soleheaven

Nike Sock Dart Premium Metallic Hematite available to buy at Soleheaven

Nike Air Presto Premium Metallic Hematite available to buy at Soleheaven

Nike Air Presto Premium Metallic Hematite available to buy at Soleheaven

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