From The Court All The Way To Parisian Streets - Air Jordan Formula 23 Low 'Quai 54'

This is a really exciting release. The Formula 23 is being released to celebrate the Quai 54 event that is to be held later this year in July. If you don't know what that is let me give you an introduction. Quai 54 is the only streetball tournament in the world that is sponsored by the Jordan brand, so you already know its truly a special event just from that.

If you ever enjoyed playing Basketball's equivalent of FIFA Street, NBA Street Homecourt was one of my favourite games to play, with crazy moves and insane ways to dunk, building up your game breaker points so you can absolutely destroy your opponent. We always love to see tricks and new moves when watching the NBA but it isn't very frequent, which is why we love street versions where we are offered a lot more flair. The event has taken place every year since 2002 in Paris at the Place De La Concorde which is located near the Eiffel Tower.

20,000 people gather to attend the street event and the best thing is it's absolutely free! They get to watch a two-day basketball tournament and a slam dunk contest as well as celebrity guests in attendance as well as awesome is that! It truly brings a community atmosphere to it which you really can immerse yourself into.

16 international teams, 1 coveted title, it's going to be a high-octane event. Are you ready to bring your game and not your name?

The Formula 23 fully takes inspiration from this event and has a lot of visual signifiers that relate directly to the event. With the events logo featuring on the insole and on the outside caging. Another subtle addition is the Longitude & Latitude number of where the event is being held. 48° 51' 52.98"N 2° 20' 56.5" E, just if you were curious. The tongue opens up by parting into two allowing wide access for you to easily slip into which is always beneficial and also shows great innovation. The full-colour scheme is easy to wear thanks to a clean base of an all black upper, matched with a white midsole. It is very reserved in colour but boasts an eccentric design with an almost tiger stripe-like pattern that has been crafted into the Nylon upper.

They also have tones of Italy Blue & University Red featuring on the inner lining, aglets and a small hint on the lacing system, this isn't the first time we have seen the mix of colour like this as it is similar to the highly sought after Lance Mountain 1's that released back in 2014.

There are more Jordan models to come over the next month that is inspired by the Quai 54 so keep your eyes peeled for these releases.

Priced at £104 and available in sizes UK 7 - 13 and good news! you can kit out the little one to look like you as they are available in GS sizes UK 3-6 and are priced at £74.

Not only do these look amazing, they also have a lot of heritage and inspiration behind them which makes them that much more special to anyone who owns a pair.

Available to purchase online at 08:00 am BST (24/6/17).