Flix Fix E.P.6 Horror Special

This week sees a return to our regularly scheduled programming, focusing on Netflix's sudden influx of horror. A mix of fantastic psychological and thriller elements thrown in with a bit of campy gore and slasher, there's something for horror fans new and old!


A truly ridiculous watch, Funhouse Massacre channels the spirit of 00s slashers and B-Movie gore into an all-out Serial Killer spectacle. Cameos aplenty, even Mr Freddy Kruger himself Robert Englund pops up to boost the horror pedigree. Expect more to come from the team behind this, even if there are more holes in the plot than most of the shooting victims.


Although having been out for 3 years, the cult modern classic (no pun intended) The VVITCH finds itself for streaming on Netflix, perfect for a moody evening watch. With a heavy psychological element reigning throughout and moments of gore, this is a must watch for any horror fan!


Everyone and their nan has seen this classic. More thriller than horror in substance, with gory moments that still stand the test of time, this tale of a shark that just will not die still haunts most to this day, and I still assume I'm moments away from the jaws of death even in the bath! Give this legend some love with the HD reissue.