Flix Fix E.P. 5

 We're going back to regular programming this week on episode 5 of the Flix Fix series with a particularly strong showing for films this week, blending some masterful cinema with some cleverly written pieces. 


Writer-Director Alex Garland brings us his unique follow up to 2015's Ex-Machina, adapting heralded writer Jeff VanderMeer's titular novel in his own pre / post-apocalypse nightmare/dream vision. This already has potential be in contention for film of the year, leaving a harrowing feeling long after viewing with its blend of incredible horror elements, disturbing visuals mixed with beautiful cinematics. The only real downside is that this masterpiece wasn't given a full cinematic run due to meddling from its distribution company, Paramount. Both Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac take turns handling this masterful script in a film that commands repeat viewing just to understand it's themes.

The Outsider

Jared Leto returns to his emo roots with a turn in this kinda based on a true story Netflix original, The Outsider. Adapted from the surreal story of American GI turned POW, Nick Zapetti, into a Scorses esque gangster-thon, Leto's turn as POW, Nick Lowell brings a glazed, slightly vacant portrayal as Japan's white devil, ruthlessly dispatching enemies from all around, in his bid to build his way up in the seedy underbelly of Japan's Yakuza. It's an ambitious original from Netflix for a film that's attracted a fair marmite response. We'd definitely recommend a watch on this one, though it's a slow burner so watch this.

Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky is essentially a great underdogs tale. Following the lives of two downtrodden brothers from North Carolina. Played by Channing Tatum and Adam driver the Logan bothers set out to change their own fortunes for the better with a ‘Cauliflower’ scheme, the term used by the pair for one of their criminal ideas. After being sacked by the construction team for Charlotte Motor Speedway, Jimmy decides to use his insider knowledge to raid the vault on one of the years quietest NASCAR race days. But the Logan family curse takes them in a different direction. Along the way, they recruit the unusual explosives expert in the form of the in-prisoned Joe Bang, played by Daniel Craig. Add a whole new range of problems to their plan.
A great story with comedy, action and drama without shoot’em up style storylines that we’re so used to seeing. 100% worth a watch on a lazy Sunday!

6 Days

A gripping thriller that follows a true story that hails back to the 1980's where several gunmen invaded the Iranian embassy in London, where the government chose to respond by sending in the SAS led by Rusty Firmin (Jamie Bell). It's a tense series of events that last...you guessed it 6 Days. With the threat of killing 26 hostages looming over everyone's heads can they save the day? The ending shows the real-life people and their aftermath which puts the film into a great perspective for you. You can watch it now on Netflix.