Flix Fix E.P. 2

This week we're keeping the Flix Fix theme going rather than giving you low down on what we're listening to in store this week, or what we think of the latest releases, we're having a look at what we've spent the weekend watching. 
We know everyone else loves a good streaming binge just as much as we do, but if you're anything like us you're never sure what to watch next. So to avoid hours of mind-numbing scrolling we're hitting you with a few must watches for the week ahead. 

1. McMafia

McMafia is a Sopranos / Snatch gangster series with a touch of continental stylings to make this into one of the most stylish TV series going at the moment. Although visually stunning, this a morbid undercutting to this series, with a grizzly sinister side that rears its head through each episode. Definitely un-missable stuff

2. Bright

Late to the game on this one, but Netflix's first straight to stream (rolls of the tongue well that one) big-budget blockbuster has recently had a green light for a potential franchise built on its fairytale break down of current race relations. If you grew up on Will Smith's turn as Hancock, or action blockbusters like iRobot and I Am Legend, then this is right up your street!

3. Inside No.9 (Season 4)

A new season of this oddball black mirror esque episodical adventure from the duo behind The League of Gentlemen. Season 4 sees a new collection of mad happenings underpinned by the exceptional comedy writing of Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton. No starting point needed on this as it's a collection of stories with a cohesive theme (literally being inside No.9). Not much comes close when this duo is on form.

4. Breaking Bad (10 year anniversary)

Although not a new stream... It was recently the 10 year anniversary of arguably the greatest TV show of all time, and also the show that helped usher in this generation of streaming and binge-watching known as the Golden Age Of Tv, so we had to show it some love on the blog. No other TV series gets close to it's attention to detail, it's writing, it's cinematography and it's perfectly assembled cast. If you haven't indulged in this legendary programme, right that wrong now and jump in at episode 1. You won't regret it.