Flix Fix E.P. 3

We're going strong with our third episode of Flix Fix, a look into what we're watching and this week, with a mix of breathtaking TV, fan favourites, and in some cases truly garbage viewing, so why not take look at what we're recommending this week so that you don't let your tea go cold whilst you try and decide on your nighttime viewing.

1. A Futile and Stupid Gesture 

A one for fans of National Lampoon, SNL and the start of America's great comedy legends (John Belushi, Chevy Chase and Bill Murray to name a few), as well as a great starting point for the birth of America's satire laced comedy counterculture. This Lampoon stylised biopic of the life of silliness purveyor Doug Kenney is a window into an anti-establishment time post-hippy and yuppy culture of America's early 70s. It's a pure slapstick affair with an all-star cast and cameo game at hand, full of laughs and stunning recreations of iconic films like Animal House and Caddyshack. Plus there's lots of cocaine. Like Wolf of Wall Street / Scarface levels of cocaine consumption, so it's got that going for it, which is nice.

2. Altered Carbon

After watching the first episode of the Netflix original Altered Carbon we can already tell it's going to be the next big show to watch for all binge watchers out there. Set in a Blade Runner-esque world where humans essentially can transfer bodies or 'Sleeves' we follow the story from Kovacs who is a stone cold killer, who has been brought back to solve a very rich guys murder, the budget seems to be huge for this show and it really shows, it has a great cast and has been well produced, if it's not on your watch list it needs to be.


3. Star Trek Discovery

Forever a taboo subject for the cool kids, we're happy to report that the brand new season recreation of the Star Trek franchise is a faithful rendering of previous offerings (movie or TV) with a simple to follow narrative that allows anyone to jump in at a fundamental level and get trekky. With a great cast of familiar faces (nice to see Lucius Malfoy still getting paychecks post Harry Potter), there's something here for anyone.


4. Cloverfield Paradox

An honourable mention just for how awful it this, this 3rd instalment in the Cloverfield franchise really pushes the tether for how long fans can put up with a franchise. With its stunning debut, the world of Cloverfield has struggled slightly to captivate its initial audience,Cloverfield Lane working as a film in the same 'universe' rather than a continuation of the story. Paradox, another film with barely a thread of relevance to the Cloverfield story, really is as bad as people say it is, going through development hell with Paramount Studios before Netflix bailed them out by buying the rights to the film. The acting is awful, with a ton of questionable moments to the film that after a few drinks will have you howling, plus a laughable ending to tie the series together that will have you really questioning if the last hour and a half was worth it. Watch this with other people, be under the influence, it will make it all the more bearable.