Check this out: PROBATION VACATION 'Lost In Asia'

There are those moments when watching videos online where the outstanding point does not come from what you are watching, but from the fact that it has been recorded, rendered and uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Within graffiti, this plays a huge role in the spread of clips online. The fact that the crew have gone out to paint, with the sole intention of recording the crime spree, documenting the details and showcasing the crime in a first-hand form. 

PROBATION VACATION documents the real story of Utah and Ether as they flee their arrest warrants in the USA, taking their escapades to the far east, a side of the planet that rarely sees the type of criminal damage these two specialize in.  

The videos themselves are uploaded by the infamous 'Grifters', a collective of street art/graffiti aficionados, and they are all worth a watch, Probation Vacation is available in separate parts, with each part showing the duo's escapades in a different country. 

~Team Soleheaven 

UTAH & ETHER - PROBATION VACATION: LOST IN ASIA (Episode 11 - China - Part 1) from The Grifters on Vimeo.

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